10 Things to Quit (and Do) to Be a Queen

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Christina Smith is a passionate Certified Health Coach creating space for ‘stuck women’ to find a life that sets them afire. Christina offers personal coaching and online programs including the free 21 Day Wholeful Living Challenge [http://wholefulliving.com/21challenge/] for a mind, body and spirit reboot in just 3 weeks.  She did her Weekend at Appel Farm, NJ in 2011 and currently resides in Hellertown, PA.


“I feel like a queen.”










What does that phrase mean to you?

To me, it means having abundance in my life and freedom from scarcity. The ability to do anything gracefully, live authentically and be loved. It means following my intuition to find what is “right” or “just.”

A pretty good way to live, in my humble opinion.

When I asked other women what it means to them to feel like a queen, I got these replies:

Blessed and a blessing, honored, admired, respected, serving, empowered, powerful, grace, loved, abundant, cherished, celebrated, supported, seen, heard, accepted, grateful, beloved, connected, compassionate, confident, strong boundaries, self-assured, purposeful, sacred…and many other powerful feeling words.

What if I told you—anyone can live like a queen?

It’s true. I mean, you still may not get invited to actual “royal family” game nights, but you can still feel like the royalty you are or want to be. (Let’s face it, actual “queenship” includes boring events with stuffy people—not my dream.)

I want the royal daydream feelings, don’t you? I want to feel confident, powerful, loved, respected and adored. What does “feel like a queen” mean to you? Really think about it. Once you have those feelings identified, achieving them is up to you. You can choose it right now.

Yes, I said it—feeling like a queen is a choice.

Each of us make thousands of choices every day—many we may not even be aware we are making. Everything we do comes from choice. If we want to feel powerful, graceful, respected and celebrated, then we have to make the choice to be courageous, seen, strong and loving—over and over.

Here’s the key to achieving your royal daydream: if you want something you’ve never had, you need to do things in a way you never did before.

It means giving up the things that are blocking the way (or keeping us “safe”) for the things we really desire.

Here are the top ten sacrifices to become the sovereign in your life:

  1. Quit being a victim.

Royalty cannot be powerful, supportive and compassionate and play the victim. Blaming others—saying “I can’t” and waiting for someone else to fix things—is not the picture of royalty. We can either choose to be an empowered queen or a victim—it isn’t possible to be both.

To-do: Take responsibility for your own actions and life. Focus on action and possibilities, not fault or retribution. Think about where in your life you believe others are holding you back or preventing something you want from life. How can you take responsibility of removing the block yourself? How can you clear your own way to get what you want?

  1. Quit being a martyr.

The sovereign makes decisions, and creates opportunities for others to be self-sufficient, without adding the actual tasks on her to-do list. She does not fix or resolve every wish or desire of others, because her time, energy and health are valuable. She creates her boundaries. The queen is not a doormat for others to place their dirty laundry on. She is a priceless partner.

To-do: Make boundaries around your time. You’ll want to enjoy being queen. There is no enjoyment for an exhausted martyr. Have a backbone, put your foot down and protect your energy and time.

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