Are You a Fan?

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As women we tend to practice the dreaded P word: perfectionism. Silently, we berate ourselves for every little thing we did that does not measure up to our impossible standards. The wonderful blog post below touches on this and other valuable lessons. Soak it in. Please.

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A couple of weeks ago (and by a strange turn of events) I found myself at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY.  My husband is a Nets fan, and on this cold, snowy day we invited some friends to go with us and drove to Brooklyn!

Now I am not really a sports fan of any kind.  But of all the sports I like basketball the most because it is fast paced and it is reminiscent of a childhood game I played growing up in the UK.  At the time we saw the game, the Nets had been on a losing streak and were expected to lose this game as well.

Being at the stadium, I was able to get into the feel of the game, players and crowd in a way that I could not have at home.  About three quarters of the way through the game, I found myself cheering for the players.  I even heard myself saying the chants that the motivators were encouraging us to say (“Dee-Fense!!!”).  Quite honestly, I couldn’t quite recognize myself!!  I remember turning to my husband and saying “Who am I? I am acting like a sports fan!”

As interesting as this all is, it is not the big ‘aha’ I received that inspired this post.  As I watched, I understood that all the players on the floor made ridiculous amounts of money each year – yet they continually failed.  Failed to catch a ball, make a shot or even make a free throw.  Call me crazy, but if someone is getting paid $23 million, it is reasonable to expect the ball will go in most of the time.  They are picked because they are the best.  They practice ALL the time and yet… ?more than half of the time they miss.

The fans, on the other hand, relentlessly cheer them on, and are encouraging and hopeful no matter what!!!!

It made me realize – what if we all had our own fan base?  If that every time we failed someone around us just cheered us on even more and believed in our ability to succeed.  The concept was quite staggering actually.  I thought I would have to try it out.

The very next day I was given the opportunity. My husband spilled something and I saw how he was getting upset at himself. So I started cheering him on telling him that it was no big deal and that it’s all good.  He started laughing….

How would your life be different, if you had the people in your life supporting you no matter what and building you up at every opportunity especially when you failed?  It is quite hard to imagine right?

So I invite you to accept the challenge to be supportive of the people in your life, as fans support their teams… Unconditionally! I believe that the impact you will have on them and, in turn yourself, will blow you away…  Are you in?

Happy April!!

With Love,