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” I feel honored to share how this weekend changed my life. As a result I began a deeper level of healing that began its first level when I got clean and sober. I met a group of women who not only could handle the level of pain and energy I brought to the weekend, but could nurture me in ways I have never allowed women to do. . . . Today I enjoy a deep and honest and loving relationship with my family of origin as well: my mother and I did a mother/daughter weekend to our city of birth, Paris, in January this year. I know I could not have made this connection without the deep healing I was privileged to begin on that fateful weekend. In addition my father, who is an alcoholic and also one of the perpetrators of my childhood sexual abuse, is now a part of my healing journey. We can share and talk as we have never before. . . . All of this work is about healing and about growing up. Today, rather than face life’s experiences with the grief of a child, more and more I face them with the grace of a woman. What a gift!”–Barbara

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