Finding Our Way Home

Katie Hendrix Great Reads! Comments Off on Finding Our Way Home

homeRecently I went through a bit of trauma. My husband who had neither been to a doctor, nor even had a cold for thirty years was diagnosed with liver cancer. Within a few days they had him in surgery, removing a large part of his liver, and assuring us that he would be able to recover at home after five days in the hospital. Eight weeks and multiple trips to death’s doorstep later, he finally came home—weak, thin, confused, and dependent on me. Needless to say, it has been a long winter.

Each night when I would leave the hospital and drive through the dark and icy streets, I would feel comforted by the thought of going home—that is until I remembered that home wasn’t the same all by myself. There was no hot dinner in the crock-pot, and no one to talk to. This got me thinking about finding our way home, and what home really means. We often feel “lost” in this world. We forget how connected we really are. We believe the lie that we are alone, and consequently we suffer. What exactly is home? And how can we find our way there when we feel lost in the fog of trauma and loss?

Home is the present moment. When we stay conscious, don’t numb ourselves out with alcohol, drugs, sex, or television; we find that we can be at home anywhere, right in this present moment. There is beauty and joy all around us—comforts and love; but we need to be present and still enough to see and feel them. Home happens when we slow down and look around and within.

Home is the realization that no matter how we feel, we truly are connected to both the Divine and to others. Feel that tug of wondering how an old friend is getting along? That is connection. Chances are, she is thinking of you too. Feel the tug of loneliness? That is the Divine calling you to look past this material world and receive universal love and support—to be a part of something bigger than yourself and your present circumstance. Feel a sudden surge of joy, grace, and personal power? Someone, somewhere is probably praying for you or sending positive energy your way.

Home is the most basic energy of life—Love. Scientists have proved that we as humans are wired to love; but we are taught to fear. Love and fear are opposites, and when we give in to fear, we are not living in the power of Love. “Perfect love casts out all fear.” So says the apostle John. When we find ourselves feeling lost, afraid, and alone—disoriented by unexpected grief and trauma, we can always find our way home by being still, breathing deeply, re-establishing our connection with Divine Love. In this way we can transcend the lie of being lost. You are not lost, dear one; you are merely on your way home.