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Member Services Directory is a list of all the services the women in our community provide. See if there is a sister you can support.    Member Services Directory
 egalogo Empowered Girl Alliance inspires adolescent girls to identify themselves as valuable, powerful, and beautiful young women. Is there a girl in YOUR life who could benefit from such an experience?   
 taowomen_03 copy 2 Tao Girl and Woman: Employing the five principles of acceptance culled from the ancient philosophy of Taoism, blended with a healthy dose of defiance – defying stereotypes, negativity and self-limiting behaviors – CJ Golden and Tao-Girl create the perfect combination of Eastern serenity and Western boldness to help women and girls follow their unique paths with joy and vitality.
mkp MKP-Greater Washington: The Mankind Project of Greater Washington is a committed, diverse and vital community empowering men and women to live in integrity, authenticity and service. We are creating a world of love, healing and growing consciousness.”
mgal-logo Mom Gets a Life: If you are a mom and you are ready to put yourself back on your to-do list then you are in the right place. At Mom Gets A Life you will find many opportunities to RELAX, RECONNECT & REINVENT!
logo Girl2B Through the empowerment of education, Girl2B Foundation works to give every young girl a chance to reach her full potential, freeing her from the unfair cycle of poverty, and making her an agent of change.