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Do You know who You are?


You are my healer, my teacher, beautiful divine expression

You have touched me, loved me

Pumped new life into my once depleted heart

From the depths of a dreary darkness I was rescued

You cupped your caring hands around the dull flicker of my fading Light

Nursing a flame too delicate to burn alone


When I could not breathe, You became my breath

When I could not see, You became my vision

When I could not mother my children, You parented

You became my very wings while You helped me mend their brokenness


There are times now when I radiate

My heart a brilliant sun warming all that surrounds me

There are moments when I swell with a certain knowing

Smiling at the wonder of true inner peace

There are endless days when I soar 

Full winged, fearless and free

When I realize the transformation 

I cannot contain my tears


Sometimes that gargoyle of doubt escorts me

Sometimes I fail to believe

 When the inner peace begins to wane

The heaviness drags me down

But when I tremble

Reaching out for the tenderness of God

There You are

As I stoke my soul’s desire with Your healing remedy

Igniting once again the spirit of flight

I burn with gratitude for Your love

Don’t You know who We are?


We are Beings of Light and Light We shall remain

With every act of kindness 

With every loving thought

Rays of hope and healing ripple out 

Uplifting and illuminating worlds


Surely it is enough to remember who We are

 And allow Our true Selves to 

Shine, Shine, Shine

This poem was written by member Jana Duffy.  It is from her upcoming book of poetry, Shine.