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“The Woman Within® Weekend gave me the opportunity to feel and see the emotional and physical pain I had carried most of my life and release it. I felt safe knowing I was not alone and empowered by the support and acceptance I received. As a result, I trust the choices I make for my life. I can share with others without depleting myself”–Ginny

“I have waited a long time to FEEL what being an empowered women is about. I spent much of my life compensating for being born a female. I’ve come a long way on my journey, finding the difference between being an overpowering woman and being an empowered woman has made in my life. (Every day is a new discovery.) I am aware that I have a right to be heard. WW has helped to validate my importance as a WOMAN. I no longer need to do battle in a man’s world; I am comfortable as a woman to have my own feelings and opinions.” —Gloria

“Most important for me is that I have learned to value, trust and love so many other women. “–Karlene

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1) Go to and sign in.
2) Choose Woman Within Eastern USA
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1) Go to and sign in.
2) Under Profile, in My Causes – choose Woman Within Eastern USA
3) Just by using this as a search engine you will be donating to us!

1) Go to and sign in.
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