While we women come from all over and are as diverse as can be, there are such common threads in each of our stories. This doesn’t negate the fact that we each own our individual journey. But it does allow us to share our paths, bond and grow like you wouldn’t believe. I am amazed and incredibly blessed. I’m so thankful to now be a part of the Woman Within organization. And I look forward to growing, learning and helping in any way that I can in addition to donating and raising funds.” Shawn Catherine Fisher



“I was initially uncomfortable going to a process event that I did not have much information about. My husband, who was involved in [Mankind Project] Warriors, really pushed me to go. I am an observant Jew, and this was on my Sabbath which made it even more difficult for me since, both physically and spiritually, I was taken out of my holy space and placed in a culturally-foreign environment on the holiest day of the week. To say the least, I was angry and confused as to why I was there in the first place. Well, by about Saturday PM, I began to sense some of the holiness of the process and decided to let go of my resistance and get into the process without compromising adherence to my religious obligations. I started opening up to the fact that I could relate and go inside in a universal way, even if I could not participate fully for religious reasons. I left on Sunday with an open and humbled heart, filled with the pain and joy of being myself, accepting myself, loving myself, accepting that I was truly different. And I could make it as a Jew in a Gentile world, and it could be deep, trusting and accepting.”–Shoshana


“The weekend was wonderful! It was difficult to experience and witness, but it was exactly what I needed. I have grown as a result of my own work, as well as watching others heal. I am now able to really love and nurture myself. I realize that I give that to myself and I don’t need anyone else to do if for me. I can now be open to love from others rather than being guarded. I have learned to trust my wise inner woman.” — Amy Trochum



“The weekend has given me back my sense of self. I now know that I AM good enough, worth loving and have the right to choose and voice my opinions. I am now free from the beliefs that were holding me back in my life. The training was powerful and confronting, but I always felt safe and protected. I felt complete trust in the staff that were supporting us.”— Carol Anne Mueller



“I organize about 20+ retreats and trainings for my work, so I can appreciate how INCREDIBLY organized, coordinated, smooth and professional you all are.Your administrator set the stage from the first contact.” — Devora Zach