What’s Wrong with Flirting?

Katie Hendrix Great Reads! Comments Off on What’s Wrong with Flirting?

Nothing. And everything. Well, let me back up and explain myself. I used to be a world class flirt. I lived for male attention, and was never happier than when I could get a steady supply of this emotional drug. Then I grew up a bit, went through a butt-load of hard times, worked out most all my “daddy issues,” woke up, became conscious, remembered who I was, and whose I was, got centered and focused—1-1MyNI4XKY-hZ3B3wzoG_KAbasically the heroine’s journey of developing into a fierce and noble warrior woman who is constantly “on mission.” I love my life. And I know my weaknesses.

Most men don’t interest me, but there are a few that still rock my socks. One in particular is a client of mine. He literally makes me weak in the knees. I get off-center, unfocused, and stupid when I am in his presence. So I had to get quiet and figure out what the heck was going on with me and this situation! Then it came to me. Flirting is an attempt to steal my power; and when I realize that, I am not as susceptible to it.

If you went to the mall and someone came up and put his hand into your purse to take your wallet, chances are you wouldn’t flash him a smile—all big teeth and bright eyes! Hopefully you would smack the crap out of him, or run away, or some other sensible action. But when others try to steal our power covertly by offering extra attention, compliments, flattery, seduction, and/or validation through giving attention, money, or power, we often fall for it; at least I do; ummm.. or did. Now I see it for what it really is: a way to knock me off my center and make me disconnected from my own personal, exquisite energy and source. It makes me vulnerable and reliant on that person’s attention as an external source of energy.

So for me, my flirting days are over. And my days of allowing others to flirt with me (even one gorgeous client) are over too. I have worked too long and too hard to become neutral in the face of criticism AND in the face of flattery to let some vampire steal my balance, my source of love, my energy, and my focus. How about you?