Why we should invite our enemies for tea

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Today I made a new friend, nothing remarkable in that, except for the fact that we started this day as complete strangers, if not enemies ,who hold totally opposing beliefs on a topic we both feel very strongly about. Prior to today our only point of connection had been that she had taken the trouble to google me in order to get my contact info and send me a message you could broadly characterize as a piece of hate mail.

There is something very unnerving about the element of surprise in opening an email from a name you don’t recognize and discovering that someone whom you have no idea exists has put a lot of thought and energy into delivering a scathing attack of a very personal nature. After I got over my initial shock, anger, defensiveness and no small degree of outrage about her assumptions, conclusions and false accusations, I put my hurt pride aside and began to wonder about this woman and why she felt so strongly that she had decided to write all that to me. She had referred to having developed her viewpoint over many years and I found myself wondering about her and what experiences she has had. Whilst I had no illusions that I might change her point of view (with regard to either the topic or me) I thought that it could be really helpful and informative to understand the situation from a different perspective and that she might have information that could be important to know.

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